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Mean Green Friend by StupidShepherd Mean Green Friend by StupidShepherd
Sometimes when I have a break from commissions I like to try drawing old characters from way back in the day. Generally they don't get past a really really poor quality unredeemable doodle, but lo and behold I finally did something for once

No one will probably remember this guy from way back when in 2007/2008ish and if they do, I'm really sorry y'all knew me back then, but this was one of my favorite characters
His name is Satyr because, I dunno I guess it sounded cool at the time or something haha. Very generic personality of that typical cocky cool boy type who for some reason ends up being redeemable despite being the biggest asshole ever. I don't know,  I was going through a rough time at the time I had made him, and I guess making a big bully character was a good outlet for frustration or something haha. Needless to say despite being a super cringey edgelord, he meant a lot to me and still does apparently since I was super excited to re design him! 

I hesitate to look back through my old art, because it dosen't bring back the best memories and it's just overall painfully cringey to me, but I dug through it enough to find some of his older art which you can view at your own risk:………

As sparkly as they are, I wanted to stick close to his original color shceme of green/white/orange. I did end up toning it down a bit though so he's not so painfully bright and sparkly. Made his dumb spikes go down his back rather than one sticking out of every direction. Also added horns to kind of balance out the spikes and big claws a bit! 

Tried to make his face and some features look a bit feline because his [later] species was some sort of spikey cat/dog monster thing. The pictures above are super early and don't reflect that at all, but art from a few months later that is now lost in the sands of time hinted at it slightly more (albiet everything still looked mainly like a wolf because that's all I could draw) 

Anyways though! dunno if I'll keep using him in stuff or if this was just closure in some weird way. I'd like to get back to it eventually, but time is so rare for me nowadays haha. Wanted to add more sketches/poses and stuff to this too but ran out of time. If I ever do I'll just update the file later but for now I'll just submit it so it's not lost in limbo
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